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XML The Effect of Inoculation of Growth-Stimulating Bacteria on Some Leaf Growth Traits and Nutritional Elements of Hazelnut Seedlings Under Field Conditions
Y. Rostamikia, A. Rahmani, M. Teimouri
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XML The Effect of Irrigation With Treated Sewage Effluent of Parand City on Growth Traits and Concentration of Nutrients (N, P and K) in Three Cover Plants
S. M. Kashi, S. Alizadeh Ajirlo, N. Najafi
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XML Tolerance Indices, Germination and Transfer Efficiency of Seed Reserves in Foxtail Millet Seedlings (Setaria italica L.) as Affected by Cadmium and Polyvinyl Chloride Stresses
S. Nikoumaram, A. Sepehri
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XML Silicon-Mediated Mitigation of Manganese Stress in Linseed (Linum usitatissimum L.): A Physiological and Morphological Exploration
S. Mohammadidust, A. Mohtadi, R. Amiri Fahliyani
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XML Effect of Foliar Application of Iron and Zinc Sulfate at Different Growth Stages on Vegetative Growth and Yield Components of Forage Corn (Zea mays L.)
K. Asadi, M. Barani Motlagh, S.A. Movahedi Naeini, T. Nazari
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XML Effect of Organic Ligands on The Growth and Chemical Composition of Corn and The Release of Elements in a Soil Treated With Rubber Ash
F. Yadegari, M. Hamidpour, A. Tajabadi Pour, P. Abbaszadeh-Dahaji
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