Aims & Scopes

The aim of “Soil and Plant Interactions”, as an interdisciplinary journal, is to publish original papers and review articles related to soil, water and plant disciplines. Research papers can include both fundamental and applied aspects of plant-water relations, physical and chemical processes in the rhizosphere, biological interactions in the rhizosphere, plant growth under stressful conditions, modeling of soil-water-plant relations, soil-plant relations and soil health, plant functional traits and soil properties in relation to climate change mitigation, and greenhouse culture.

  • Plant water relations
  • Availability of soil water and nutrients for plant
  • Physical and chemical processes in the rhizosphere
  • Biological interactions, resources and fluxes in the rhizosphere
  • Plant growth promoting microrganisms in the rhizosphere
  • Molecular plant-microbe interactions in the rhizosphere
  • Rhizosphere priming effect as affected by plant and soil characteristics
  • Carbon sequestration and soil structure in the root zone and rhizosphere
  • Root effects on soil properties and biophysical and biochemical processes
  • Biogeochemistry of contaminants in soil-plant system
  • Plant growth under stressful conditions
  • Modeling of soil-water-plant relations and root water uptake
  • Soil health association with soil-plant interactions
  • Plant functional traits and soil properties in relation to climate change mitigation
  • Soil (growth medium) and plant relations in greenhouse culture

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