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XML Effect of Different Levels of Sodium Selenate and Selenite on Morphological Characteristics and Nutrients Concentration in Peppermint
H. Jafari, M. Moghaddam
Abstract  -  چکیده -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Rhizospheric Effects of Three Citrus Rootstocks on Some Biological Properties and Phosphorus Fractions in a Calcareous Soil
T. Raiesi, B. Moradi
Abstract  -  چکیده -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Effect of Potassium Sulfate Application on Some Physiological Characteristics of Date Palm Plantlet of Zahedi Cultivar (Phoenix dactylifera cv. Zahdei) Under Water Stress
R. Yousefi, M. Alihouri, H. Dialami
Abstract  -  چکیده -   Full Text (PDF)
XML The Effect of Different Levels of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles in Soil on Sorghum Growth Characteristics
A. Daryabeigi Zand, A. Vaezi Heir
Abstract  -  چکیده -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Effect of Nutrients Composition on The Growth Parameters of Two Lettuce Varieties in Hydroponic Culture With Solid Growing Media
S. Vakili Bastam, S. Zamani
Abstract  -  چکیده -   Full Text (PDF)
XML The Effect of Serendipita indica and Rhizophagus irregularis Fungi on The Growth and Nutritional Status of Lettuce Under Chromium Stress in Soilless Culture
Z. Majnooni Heris, R. Azarmi, A. A. Shokouhian, B. Esmailpour, A. Shahi Gharalar
Abstract  -  چکیده -   Full Text (PDF)
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