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Effect of different growing substrates on the yield and cut flower quality of rose cv. Maroussia (34811 Downloads)
The possibility of using dried pine leaves, tire-rubber wastes, mica and rice hull as tomato growth media in soilless culture system (21431 Downloads)
Effect of Zinc and Manganese Nutrition on Fruit Yield and Nutrient Concentrations in Greenhouse Tomato in Hydroponic Culture (12511 Downloads)
The Effect of Growth Media on Cucumber Yield and its Uptake of Some Nutrient Elements in Soilless Culture (11793 Downloads)
Measurement and modeling of water requirement and crop coefficient for cucumber, tomato and pepper using microlysimeter in greenhouse (11068 Downloads)
Agronomic and economic study of the most appropriate time of continuous lettuce cultivation in greenhouse and open space conditions in Jiroft area (10453 Downloads)
Evaluation of morphological changes in some wheat genotypes under salt stress (10225 Downloads)
Nutritional status of greenhouse cucumber and bell pepper in Isfahan province (9266 Downloads)
The effect of salt stress on morphological characteristics and Na+, K+ and Ca+ ion contents in medicinal plant fenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum L.) under hydroponic culture (8977 Downloads)
Effect of different substrates on nutrients content, yield and quality of strawberry cv. Selva in soilless culture (8436 Downloads)
Efficacy of conventional fungicides in controlling tomato grey mold (8303 Downloads)
Effect of copper and zinc on concentration and uptake of micronutrient (Cu, Zn, Fe and Mn) and macronutrient (Phosphorus) in savory at greenhouse conditions (7924 Downloads)
Effect of irrigation with treated municipal wastewater on yield of Nitraria schoberi under greenhouse conditions (7868 Downloads)
Effect of N, K and Mg on yield and fruit quality of strawberry (Fragaria×ananasa cv. Sun Rise) in hydroponic culture conditions (7760 Downloads)
Effect of salinity on some physiological variables of 11 chickpea genotypes under hydroponic conditions (7649 Downloads)
The Effect of Nitrogen and Boron on Growth, Yield and Concentration of Some Nutrient Elements of Tomato (7452 Downloads)
Effect of different concentrations of potassium silicate, nano-silicon and calcium chloride on concentration of potassium, calcium and magnesium, chlorophyll content and number of florets of Asiatic lily cv. ‘Brunello’ (7331 Downloads)
Economic assessment of greenhouse-cucumber production units in Birjand Township (7253 Downloads)
The effect of palm wastes compost as peat substitute on cultivation of Dieffenbachia amoena ornamental plant (7251 Downloads)
Silicon Application Effects on Yield and Growth of Two Cucumber Genotypes in Hydroponics System (7250 Downloads)
The effect of different methods of seed bed preparation on greenhouse cucumber yield and yield components (7224 Downloads)
ٍEffect of potassium and calcium application on water use and fruit yield of tomato in a hydroponic system with dynamic and non-uniform distribution of salts (7207 Downloads)
Interaction of sodium and magnesium on some growth characteristics and chlorophyll content of pistachio in perlite substrate (6965 Downloads)
Evaluation of effective factors on optimal management greenhouses summery in Khuzestan province (6781 Downloads)
Effect of commercial neem extract NeemAzal-T/S on controlling leafminer Liriomyza sativae Blanchard (Diptera: Agromyzidae) in comparison with common synthetic insecticides (6755 Downloads)
Investigation of the growth and development, essential oil and minerals content in two species of mint in hydroponics and aquaponics (6736 Downloads)
Effects of various concentrations and time of humic acid application on quantitative and qualitative characteristics of cut stock flower (Matthiola incana ‘Hanza’) (6669 Downloads)
Uptake of cadmium by cress, lettuce and tomato in Cd-contaminated soil (6543 Downloads)
Effect of plant growth regulators and explant types on regeneration and micropropagation of a commercial strawberry cultivar (Fragaria ×ananassa cv. Selva) (6536 Downloads)
Comparison of eco-physiological characteristics of pepper in hydroponic and aquaponic systems (6478 Downloads)
Investigating physiological characteristics of mint in the Raft aquaponic system and perlite medium (6329 Downloads)
Direct regeneration of Periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus) via node explants culture and different combinations of plant growth regulators (6323 Downloads)
Effect of different substrates on quantitative and qualitative traits of three pepper cultivars in soilless culture (6316 Downloads)
Determination of crop water requirement, crop coefficient and water use efficiency of greenhouse-grown cucumber and tomato (Case study: Urmia region) (6205 Downloads)
Effects of iron on efficiency and map of photosystem II photochemical yield of rose flower using chlorophyll fluorescence imaging (6164 Downloads)
Effect of phosphorus and organic matter on soil-plant phosphorus relationships in spinach (6055 Downloads)
Effect of NaCl salinity and soil waterlogging on growth characteristics of forage corn in greenhouse conditions (5993 Downloads)
The role of Phytophthora cactorum in decline of hydroponically- grown strawberry and evaluation of relative resistance of strawberry cultivars to it (5974 Downloads)
Influence of salinity and supplementary calcium on vegetative growth, fruit yield and concentration of some nutrients in hydroponically-grown strawberry (5974 Downloads)
Effects of gibberellic acid and calcium on reducing growth period of iris (Iris holandica var. Blue Magic) in greenhouse and extension of its cut flower life (5927 Downloads)
Assessment of Milk Thistle Ecotypes for Drought Resistance in a Hydroponic System (5895 Downloads)
The Influence of salinity and nitrogen on tomato fruit quality and micronutrients concentration in hydroponic culture (5829 Downloads)
Effects of different media on vegetative growth of two Lilium cultivars in soilless culture (5808 Downloads)
The effects of nitrogen and boron on yield and concentrations of macronutrients in broccoli head in a calcareous soil (5796 Downloads)
Effect of different levels of citric acid and salicylic acid at pre-harvesting stage on vase-life of rose (Rosa hybrida L.) cut flower (5781 Downloads)
Effect of rooting media on root production of semi-hardwood stem cuttings in weeping bottlebrush (Calistemon viminalis) under greenhouse conditions (5751 Downloads)
Effect of irrigation water salinity on root traits of two salt-sensitive and salt-tolerant wheat cultivars and its relationship with yield in greenhouse (5694 Downloads)
Comparison of yield, yield components and seed quality (oil and protein content) of two rapeseed cultivars as affected by different levels of soil-applied nitrogen and zinc (5670 Downloads)
The Comparison of Ammonium or Nitrate-Grown Lettuce and Spinach in a Hydroponic System (5478 Downloads)
Phytoremediation of nickel from hydroponic system by hydrophyte coontail (Ceratophyllum demersum L.) (5462 Downloads)
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